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Tammy’s Table is a community of like-minded business owners who work to unlock their true potential through facilitated group sessions. We learn from each other, create supportive connections and believe anything is possible.

Put simply, Tammy’s Table is a place for support, encouragement and accountability.



Tammy’s Table is different to many other business groups you might have come across. We are a community of support for people running their own business. We don’t actively sell to each other; do not expect or seek referrals; and business transactions happen organically when they’re mutually desired.


Each Tammy’s Table has a maximum of ten business owners/managers and meets monthly for 2 hours (with a break in January).

There are currently two locations on offer – North Adelaide and Gawler.

Tammy facilitates each discussion to help maintain the group focus and ensure the meeting time is used efficiently and effectively.


Trust is a key ingredient at Tammy’s Table because to grow, we need to be comfortable to share the highs and lows of running a business. Our members agree to keep everything they hear at meetings confidential.


Our business topics and conversations are organic and based on the group needs.

From time to time a guest speaker attends to provide members with access to advice from experts across a range of fields.


Refreshments are provided. Our meetings can generate some intense discussion, so we break halfway through for some seriously good treats, tea, coffee, a general chat and a chance to mentally refresh.


Your goals will be reviewed at each meeting to keep you focused, motivated and accountable


While this is not your traditional networking group as there are no referral targets and no hard selling; members do organically network and connect between meetings at their discretion.  We have seen many joint ventures and networking opportunities arise between members since joining Tammy’s Table.

Tammy’s Table’s private Facebook group also offers a space to continue discussions started at meetings and network with members of other Tammy’s Table groups.

Members are invited to social gatherings, co-working days, workshops and business events, with opportunities to strengthen your skills and relationships across the different Tammy’s Table groups.


Tammy’s Table members are entitled to discounted 1:1 consulting with Tammy Edwards as well as early bird access and discounts to her workshops and events throughout the year.


Tammy’s Table membership costs just $225 plus GST per quarter, payable in advance.

Gawler’s membership payments are priced differently – please contact the Gawler Business Development Group for more details.

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