About Tammy

Award-winning business owner

Business Coach & Group Facilitator

Proud mummy and doting wife

Let Tammy help you become a better business owner

About Tammy

Award-winning business owner

Business Consultant

Mother and wife

Let Tammy help you become a better business owner

Tammy's philosophy

"Either you run the business or the business runs you"

Tammy Edwards – Business Coach | Business Group Facilitator | Public Speaker

When Tammy started her business in 2005, she couldn’t have imagined that one day she’d have a business in multiple locations and manage a team of 12 as CEO of one of South Australia’s most progressive and largest conveyancing brands.

Her goal was clear from the start – to build a thriving business that wasn’t dependent on her working 60 hour weeks for its long-term success and to create an asset that she could sell when she was ready to retire.

Like many business owners, in the early stages, Tammy was a single operator. She acted as conveyancer, bookkeeper, receptionist and cleaner. But as her reputation for service grew and so did her business.

Tammy’s business was nominated for several awards over the years, but despite the awards and accolades, her yearning was simply to build a business she could step away from to spend time with her family.

The turning point came in 2010 when Tammy engaged a business consultant to help create the self-sustaining business she dreamed of. They worked together to refine business processes and systems, roles and position descriptions and established the foundation the business needed to provide direction to an empowered and engaged team. Through objective advice and strategically challenging questions, Tammy’s business consultant helped her stay focused on her long-term goals and take purposeful steps towards them.

Tammy successfully created a business she could step away from for weeks at a time without her team having any need to contact her.

The team knew exactly what was expected of them and had the processes and systems to manage without Tammy’s supervision. Tammy took several trips each year and returned to a business that not only survived but thrived.

Tammy engineered a business that ran profitably with minimal hands-on management.

In 2019 she sold her business to the first person she approached and semi-retired at the age of 45.

Although this is one of Tammy’s greatest business achievements, she couldn’t have done it alone. Tammy’s business consultant played a large part in keeping her accountable and focused.

Now she has the time, knowledge and skills to help other business owners to do the same.

Tammy is so passionate about helping other business owners take charge of their future. Whether it’s through one-on-one consulting or Tammy’s Table, which brings business owners together to learn from each other and become more confident in their leadership capabilities, Tammy is ready to show you that it is possible to balance your business, family and personal interests to create your ideal lifestyle.

Let Tammy help you become a business owner not a business operator

“Tuckfields was always more than just a business for me. It was a place where I spent many years growing and learning about myself; developing my leadership, managerial skills and building a team who were like family to me.”

Tammy & Tuckfield Conveyancing Adelaide Team
About - Tammy Edwards
About - Tammy Edwards
  • Telstra Business Women’s Awards Finalist 2015 – Entrepreneur Category
  • SA Woman Award Finalist 2020 – Connection Category
  • Local Business Awards Finalist 2012 – City and Eastern Region
  • Best Micro Practice Award – 2009 BEC Australia
  • Top 10 Finalist – Local Business Awards 2008 (North & North Eastern Region)
  • Top 10 Finalist – Local Business Awards 2008 (City & Eastern Region)
Tammy Edwards - My Why, Telstra Business Awards
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