Meet My Clients: Nicki King Landscape Design

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Meet My Clients: Nicki King Landscape Design

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Nicki King of Nicki King Landscape Design.

This girl is the finest example of a client who is following her passion and aligns her business with her purpose.

Her biggest motivators in life are caring, conservation, and creativity which she combines beautifully in her work as a Landscape Designer.

She gets such a joy out of creating sustainable and stunning garden designs that are as unique as her clients. Her designs bring together gorgeous, practical spaces that enrich her client’s life and health, and support their local ecosystem.

Nicki and I have been working together on her business since 2020 and it has been an absolute delight.  She was introduced to me through another one of my fabulous clients who thought I could help her and in Nicki’s words “she was absolutely right”.

Nicki was feeling incredibly lost and was struggling to find someone to give her honest, straightforward advice along with someone to keep her accountable. She knew where she wanted to be but didn’t quite know how to get there.

I was hoping to just get some structure and basic advice. I had no idea it would take me further than I could have dreamed in such a short time and I’m not stopping!

Nicki and I recently chatted about where she was at when she first began working with me.  “It was a mess. I already knew I worked a little differently than most but once we started breaking everything down I realised I was working twice as hard for not much reward.  I was burning out. I don’t think I would have lasted another year.

I now have confidence in who I am and what I do and it is great to be able to say I am a successful businesswoman – I’m not just playing anymore.”

Tammy has taught me to value myself and what I do. She has shown me that there are ways to make life simpler with processes and systems so I work smarter not harder.

When Nicki isn’t designing beautiful gardens, she loves spending time with her family and enjoying her other love, Roller Derby!

If you’d like to know more about Nicki and Nicki King Landscape Design, please click here to visit her website.

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