Meet My Clients: Vision Beyond Business

Vision Beyond Business | Tammy's Table

Meet My Clients: Vision Beyond Business

I’ve mentioned it before, but one of the things I love most about Tammy’s Table and coaching is that I get to work with an incredibly diverse range of people and businesses.

Some of my clients sell products, others offer services. Some are selling to consumers and individuals, others are selling to businesses. Some do it all!

Even the businesses offering similar products or services have many differences in their branding, values, target market, and the way they operate.

Vanessa Bamford of Vision Beyond Business is an Accountant, but she’s not your ordinary, everyday number cruncher.

As a virtual CFO and Strategic Business Consultant, Vanessa uses numbers to help business owners and leaders see how their organisation is really doing, what it’s capable of and what it’s ready for.

I love working with people like Vanessa who are passionate about what they do, and who are truly living their purpose.

Vision Beyond Business | Tammy's Table

Vanessa is on a mission to shine a light on the health, power and potential of every small business, not-for-profit and community organisation in Australia

I have been working with Vanessa for almost three years now. She initially started as a Tammy’s Table member, then we moved to 1:1 coaching when she restructured her business in 2019.

This is what Vanessa has to say about working with me:
“I first reached out to Tammy when I was restructuring my business in 2019.

I knew Tammy had been through a similar experience when selling her business and she was an incredible sounding board for me during a very tough time.

The restructuring process was very draining, but I eventually managed to get my mojo back and reached out to Tammy again for one-on-one consulting. I knew I needed someone who would hold me accountable to the goals I wanted to achieve, but who would not hold back from the hard stuff when I needed it.

Tammy understood my fear of burning out and becoming unbalanced and I knew she would hold me to my values and help prevent me going down that path again.

I knew I wanted to grow my new vision, but I knew that without someone keeping me accountable it would be at least another year before I achieved that goal. I also wanted to maintain my health and fitness goals, and she called me out many times when I needed it most, as well as being my biggest supporter when I was kicking goals.

Before working with Tammy I was scared to grow my business again, and I had lost motivation due to a lack of direction within my business.

But Tammy helped me visualise what I wanted as well as reignite my passion for what I was doing.

She also believed in me enough to refer me to others and put me in front of her audience of small business owners. I couldn’t let her down, and this was a strong motivator to keep going.

Tammy constantly held me accountable to what I said I wanted to achieve. She would push me to do what I said I would do and call me out on the excuses I made. This is exactly what I wanted and needed.

When I‘m not working with business owners and leaders to make a difference to the collective wellbeing of our future, I love being at home on our hobby farm with my family, or doing something creative on my own like painting, drawing, making or cooking.

If you’d like to know more about Vanessa and Vision Beyond Business, please click here to visit her website.

And if you’d like to find out more about Tammy’s Table, an inclusive and supportive community for like-minded business owners, please click here.

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