Recognising the difference between ‘capacity’ and ‘availability’

Availability vs capacity Tammys Table

Recognising the difference between ‘capacity’ and ‘availability’

When you look at your calendar and see free time, do you instinctively feel as though you need to hustle for bookings to fill that space?

Do gaps in your calendar make you feel anxious or nervous?

Do you find yourself saying ‘yes’ to things you really don’t want to do, just because you can fit them into your schedule?

At one of our Tammy’s Table meetings recently, we had an interesting discussion about the difference between ‘capacity’ and ‘availability’.

As business owners, we often feel as though we should say yes to every opportunity and every client that comes our way, especially when it offers a chance to generate income (and sometimes when it comes at a cost).

But just because we have capacity in our schedule, that doesn’t mean we should automatically make ourselves available to anyone who comes along and offers to fill that space.

If we are already at capacity, if our schedule is full and we are turning down opportunities because we simply can’t fit them in, then perhaps it is time to start saying no to the ‘wrong’ type of client and make ourselves available for more of our ‘ideal’ clients.

Reaching the point in your business where you feel confident in saying no to a paying client is a significant milestone, and one you should celebrate.

You may not feel like you are at that point yet, but I encourage you to take a good look at your schedule over the next few weeks and really consider how you are spending your time. Which activities and clients spark joy? And which fill you with dread?

Being more strategic about the things we say yes to, can help reduce pressure and stress and free up time for the things we actually enjoy doing.

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