Meet My Clients: Bice Electrical

Meet My Clients: Bice Electrical

Here we have an exceedingly rare photo of a tradie working through the strategic business vision for his electrical business.

Yes, you read that correctly. Here we have a tradie who is taking a day off the tools to work with his business coach!

I must admit that I was hesitant when I was first asked to coach Matt from Bice Electrical.

My family is full of tradies and most of them believe that their time is best spent working on the tools, not working on the business. I have no doubt you can recognise that this is the complete opposite to my own mindset in business.

My first few meetings with Matt were a bit rocky, but we both stuck with it. I could see he was nervous, and I was too! I think we were both wondering why we were there.

Then suddenly, this sparky and I had a lightbulb moment (pardon the pun). He was getting so much work that he simply could not keep up with demand. We made a calculated decision to employ a sparky and buy another van.

Just like that he started achieving positive financial results
AND he had more time!

Meet my clients BICE electrical

I have seen a huge shift in Matt since then. He is looking at his business from a different perspective and taking it to a whole new level. He is crystal clear on the role he needs to play in the business and the importance of being in that space. He is driven to succeed and is determined to employ more amazing sparkies and continue bringing his vision to life.

My hesitation about coaching tradies has now completely disappeared. I look forward to my meetings with this fella so much and I am genuinely excited to be involved in this growing business.

This is Matt from Bice Electrical and he is not your typical tradie. He is a man on a mission to provide the best customer service and the best employment conditions for the electrical industry.

Watch this space.

And if you need a good sparky, you can find Bice Electrical here.

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