Meet My Clients: Females Fighting Forward

Meet My Clients: Females Fighting Forward

One of the common themes I hear time and time again in my discovery calls with potential new clients is “I feel like I’m working so hard and not getting anywhere”.

Sometimes this is due to a lack of direction, but often it is simply because the business owner is trying to do everything themselves, without any systemisation or processes to create efficiencies.

Back in 2018 I saw a Sunrise segment about a woman called Carly Gangell whose business Females Fighting Forward offered self-defence classes for women. I contacted her about running a seminar for my Lippie and Laughs social group and the rest is history!

Carly and I have been working together for 18 months now and her business has come forward in leaps and bounds. In fact, she now has four businesses!

When I asked Carly to reflect on our time working together, this is what she had to say.

“When I ran a self-defence seminar for Tammy’s social group, I discovered that several of these successful women were under her guidance and I was inspired to find out more.

I initially signed up as a Tammy’s Table member and soon realised that I wanted to work with her one-on-one as well.

As a young business owner, I often felt I lacked direction and I knew I was working harder instead of smarter. I needed guidance to help me improve my business model and learn to delegate my workload.

When I first started working with Tammy, I expected her to give me all the answers, but I soon realised her strength was in making me find the answers for myself with her guidance and support. This gave me the skills and knowledge I needed to overcome the challenges as my business continued to grow.

If I had to describe my business back then, I would call it “scrambled eggs”. And that was when I had just one business! I am proud to say the eggs are now poaching and I have four different businesses. Back then I was working long hours, trying to wear all the different hats including administration, bookkeeping, and marketing as well as teaching and managing my students. I was constantly stressed and spreading myself far too thin across all aspects of the business.

In the 18 months that I have been working with Tammy, I have made more progress than in the whole five years prior. While I still have a long way to go, I now have:

  • More money in the bank
  • Smoother processes for students from initial contact to sign up
  • Four staff members (and a delegating leader)
  • A happier and less-stressed business owner.
  • Four growing businesses

I also really enjoyed watching Tammy speak on a panel at a business event. She is so humble, personable and down to earth so to hear her talk about her business journey and experience was a personal highlight for me.

I am now focused on getting my business to work for me rather than the other way around. In the future I can see myself spending my time doing the things I love in my job and delegating the tasks that I do not enjoy.

When I’m not working on or in my business, I love to spend my time outdoors being active with my loved ones – hiking, camping, skiing, wakeboarding, kayaking. I also love being involved in and watching sport.”

Carly and the team at Females Fighting Forward are passionate about building and develop confident, strong, and powerful women through their self-defence and Muay Thai programmes.

Visit the Females Fighting Forward website here to learn more.

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