Meet My Clients: Digitale

Meet My Clients: Digitale

One of the things I love most about coaching is the diversity of the businesses I work with, but also the ways in which my clients find common ground, no matter how different their industries and businesses may be.

Adelaide is known for its networks, and it is not uncommon for a business owner to attend an event or Tammy’s Table meeting and find that they already have mutual connections with others.

In the case of Natalie from Digitale, we didn’t have to look very far to find connections as her Dad was the one who introduced us!

Con Koutsikas has been a member and supporter of Tammy’s Table for some time, and he encouraged his daughter Natalie to attend the ‘Real Business Owners Get Real’ event we held back in February 2020.

Natalie launched her business Digitale in October 2019. Digitale is a social media and creative agency fuelled by storytelling. With a passion for creative and meaningful connection, the Digitale team brings a depth of expertise to every project.

I recently sat down with Natalie and asked her to reflect on our brief time working together. This is what she had to say.

“After attending the event with Dad in February, I approached Tammy and started working with her in June.

At that stage my business had been up and running for around nine months, but it was very much a one-man-band and I was very stressed and feeling overwhelmed.

I was hoping that working with Tammy would help me set my business up for success, as I knew that I needed to implement processes and procedures to ensure my business was scalable.

Working with Tammy has really helped me to build a solid foundation for my business, and I have been able to identify and implement the best systems to support my growth.

I now have a team of four regular contractors working with me, and I have been able to scale the business and service my clients better than ever before.

From feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how I could possibly manage my business if it became any larger, I’m now on track to achieve continued growth and I’m aiming to turn my contractors into employees.

Finding balance is also important to me, so when I’m not working on or in my business I love to spend time with my family and my dogs.”

The thing I love most about working with Tammy is that she knows how to keep me on track and help me put things in perspective.

Natalie and the team at Digital are passionate about working with their clients to create a strategy that will grow engagement and build a community through purpose-driven social media content.

Building a strong brand doesn’t just happen. Natalie and her team believe strongly in the power of developing creative content with strategic purpose to tell stories and engage the target audience.

If you need some help with building your brand, Natalie would be more than happy to have a chat with you about all things social media and how you can adopt a strategic approach to achieve your business goals.

Visit the Digitale website here to learn more.

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