Meet My Clients: Seated Massage

Meet my clients seated massage

<h1>Meet My Clients: Seated Massage</h1>

Since the launch of Tammy’s Table and my coaching service, I have had the pleasure of working with a brilliantly diverse range of businesses in many industries, of varying sizes and at different stages of business.

I recently sat down with Lena and Stuart of Seated Massage and asked them to reflect on our time working together. This is what they had to say.

We began working with Tammy in September 2019. Lena first met Tammy at a workshop a couple of years ago, when Tammy was still running Tuckfields, and we then reconnected through social media. We approached her because we admired the way she had set up her business to work for her. We really wanted to be able to do that without our business.

We particularly admired the way Tammy ran her business in such a systemised and organised way. We could see that this created space for her to move away from the business and not be so hands-on.

We could see that our business needed streamlining and we felt Tammy was the ideal person to help us learn how to put systems in place so it would run like clockwork, with or without us.

That was our initial goal for working with Tammy, but we have achieved so much more than we ever could have imagined!

We have reviewed every aspect of our business including systems, marketing, and finances, and put together a comprehensive business budget. We have identified crucial pain points and addressed these. We even appointed an Operations Manager earlier this year which has been critical to our ongoing success (and something we had dreamed about for a long time).

The global pandemic has been difficult for our business but having to be accountable and identifying ongoing actions and projects has been crucial in keeping the business moving forward.

It has also been fantastic to be able to brainstorm and share our ideas and visions and Tammy’s wealth of experience and knowledge has been invaluable to this process.

Tammy is more than just our business coach; she has also become a wonderful friend and confidante. It is so important to be able to share the highs and lows with someone who completely understands how challenging it is to run a business.

Tammy’s genuine warmth and care for her clients is wonderful, and her Mum’s delicious biscuits are a bonus!

Right now we’re very focused on just surviving Covid-19 but we’re confident that we are in a much better position than we would have been if this happened a year ago.

Longer-term, our goal is to have the business at a point where we don’t need to be so hands-on and could actually have a holiday without taking the computer with us! That would be absolutely amazing and would be an enormous shift for us.

In the meantime, we try to take time out and ensure some balance in our lives. We enjoy hiking and are currently tackling sections of the Heysen Trail with a group of friends. We enjoy traveling and immersing ourselves in different cultures, although that is obviously on hold at the moment. We also enjoy gardening. walking our little dog and spotting koalas in our local area in Crafers. We also make sure to feed our soul with reading, painting, the beach, food, and catching up with dear friends.

Seated Massage delivers unforgettable corporate and event massage wellbeing experiences nationally. As a Certified B Corporation, the team at Seated Massage has a global vision for their industry and all clients: To collaborate to benefit the underserved and the planet.

Owned and driven by Lena and Stu MacRae, Seated Massage has developed from humble beginnings in 1993 to the force for good it is today. Propelled forward by their belief that everyone deserves safe and loving touch they strive to ensure all stakeholders share in the delight and irrefutable benefits that exceptional, high quality corporate massage delivers.

Since July 2016 Seated Massage have given 99,984 massages in workplaces across Australia, provided 55,549 meals to the underserved through OzHarvest, and offset 100% of their greenhouse gas emissions.

Visit the Seated Massage website – Click here to learn more.

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