Low Cost or No-cost Marketing Activities to Amplify your Business – Guest Blog

Guest Blog - Kelly Hody MKt Etc Adelaide

Low Cost or No-cost Marketing Activities to Amplify your Business – Guest Blog

I work with a diverse range of clients across many industries, of all sizes, at various stages of business, offering all sorts of different products and services. But one thing many of my clients have in common is a feeling of being overwhelmed when it comes to marketing.

I love many things about being in business, but marketing is definitely not one of them! In fact, I outsource quite a lot of my marketing so I asked Kelly Hody of Mkt Etc if she could provide some tips for me to pass on.

Kelly works with small business owners to help them market more efficiently and effectively and understands what it is like to try and grow a business when working within a strict budget.
Here are Kelly’s suggestions for four low-cost or no-cost marketing activities which can help any business owner amplify their marketing messages to achieve brand awareness and drive sales.

Kelly works with small business owners to help them market more efficiently and effectively and understands what it is like to try and grow a business when working within a strict budget

Email Marketing

Did you know that email marketing is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook? But most of us spend far more time promoting our business on social media than developing a consistent email marketing strategy.

Email platforms like Mailchimp make it easy to manage your own email marketing, and best of all Mailchimp is free if you have less than 2000 email addresses in your database.

Email can also be used very effectively to send targeted messages to different segments of your database, so you can build and maintain relationships with your most important customers through providing content which is highly relevant to them.

Google My Business

With its multitude of tools and products, Google has the greatest reach of any digital platform in the world. While this might sometimes feel intrusive, as a business owner it presents excellent opportunities to reach a wider audience.

Google My Business is like a mini-website for your business which displays when someone searches for your business name. Google My Business is a free tool which links to your Google account. If your business has a physical location, you can claim your location on Google Maps and link it to Google My Business. You can optimise your Google My Business profile by adding contact details, trading hours, services and other information and your listing will automatically include any Google Reviews you may have received.

You can also post regular updates and photos to keep your profile fresh and help with your search engine rankings. To get started, simply search for “Google My Business“.

Guest Blog - Kelly Hody MKt Etc Adelaide


Facebook usage has increased significantly over the past few months, so now is a great time to be active on your Facebook business page. 60% of Australians are active, regular Facebook users so posting consistently interesting and engaging content will help grow brand awareness.

It is important not to be too “salesy” but instead publish a mix of informational, educational, behind-the-scenes and selling content. While consistency is more important than frequency, creating and scheduling your content in batches can save a lot of time.

Now is also an excellent time to try Facebook Ads, with more people online but fewer businesses investing in paid Facebook advertising. You do not need a large budget to run Facebook Ads – as little as $5 can achieve results if your ad is targeted effectively.

Just remember, with any paid advertising it’s important to have a strategy and know what you’re trying to achieve, who you’re trying to reach, and what you want them to do when they see your ad.


A fantastic way to increase your reach and expand your audience is to collaborate with complementary businesses. Activities like workshops and events can help increase awareness, while partnering with another brand for a competition or giveaway can help you gain new followers.

Guest blogging is another way to tap into a new audience, and it also helps with search engine optimisation.
Reciprocal referral arrangements can also work well, especially if you regularly receive enquiries about products or services which are outside your usual scope. Just make sure you are confident about the quality of the product or service you are referring people to.

These are just some examples of marketing activities which can help grow your business. If you’d like help implementing any of these suggestions, or you have any other questions about marketing, you’re welcome to get in touch with Kelly via her Facebook page.

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