Micro-Mentoring vs Long Term Coaching

Micro mentoring vs Long term coaching

Micro-Mentoring vs Long Term Coaching

I’ve previously talked about the importance of finding a business mentor, and the enormous value a mentor can add to your business (click here to read more).

But what if you just need a few short sessions to help solve a specific problem, or talk through an immediate opportunity which may have presented itself?

This is where micro-mentoring can play a role. Over the years I have worked with many clients who have engaged me for a short period of time. Sometimes this has been due to a rapid period of growth, when they have needed guidance around coping with the challenges presented by a sudden increase in the size or scale of their business. Other times it has been because of a specific opportunity they want to take advantage of, but they need some help weighing up the risks and benefits, pros and cons.

I also have some clients who pop in and out of coaching as they need me. Again, this often relates to periods of growth or specific challenges they face as they take their business to the next level.

Sometimes it’s just about having someone to bounce ideas off, or to help validate a tough decision that needs to be made

This type of short-term coaching or micro-mentoring can be extremely beneficial. Having a fresh set of unbiased eyes look at a problem or opportunity can help the business owner take a step back and assess the issue more objectively.

Compare this with longer-term coaching, where I meet with my client fortnightly for two hours at a time. These clients are often working towards FREEDOM from their business and are seeking ongoing support, help with looking at the bigger picture, implementation of systems and processes, and working towards long-term goals.

Accountability is often an important factor in long-term coaching relationships.
I regularly have clients say to me “I made sure I achieved X because I knew I was meeting with you this week”! As a business owner, it is extremely easy to become task-oriented and lose focus on outcomes.

A big part of my role as a coach is helping clients ensure that outcomes are being achieved and productivity is being maintained

In some cases what starts out as micro-mentoring can lead to a long-term coaching relationship. I have several clients who initially approached me because they needed help with a specific issue and have then recognised that ongoing coaching will help them in other areas of their business.

Not sure whether you need micro-mentoring or long-term coaching right now? The best option is to book in a Discovery Session with me, so we can discuss what outcomes you are seeking, and determine which type of coaching relationship will best meet your needs right now.

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