Bring a conveyancing service back to their roots

Tuckfields Kadina Tammy Miriam

Bring a conveyancing service back to their roots

After growing up in the country then moving to Adelaide to study and open a conveyancing business, Tammy Edwards and Miriam Errington always wanted to return to their roots.

They delivered mobile conveyancing services to Yorke Peninsula for many years before opening their Kadina branch of Tuckfield Conveyancing in 2016.

“Bringing to the area both ‘good old-fashioned country service’ and our knowledge and efficiencies from the ‘big smoke’ was something we always wanted to do,” Miriam said.

“Seeing our vision come to life with rapid growth thanks to the strong support of the local community has been so rewarding.”

Tammy was a finalist in the Telstra Business Women’s Awards in 2015 and has since mentored others to achieve business success.

“Women are transforming the way we do business,” she said.

“They are undoing the traditional approaches to leadership and management with their unique way of empowering one another to reach full potential.”

Removing the suits, heels, expectations and pressures of being a business owner at times is refreshing. Ensuring we do not sacrifice our work/life balance or our personalised customer service is imperative.

Tammy and Miriam said they aim to create a friendly and approachable environment.

“While it is important to us that we remain at the forefront of industry changes, especially related to technology, our main focus is ensuring our clients feel safe and comfortable,” they said.

“Even though we are working in a legal environment, we value being able to share a laugh with our clients and colleagues.”

Both agree having a work/life balance is extremely important.


Photo above:
Tammy Edwards and Miriam Errington have a passion for sharing their conveyancing business expertise with people living in the country.
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