Work-Life Balance… yes it can (and does) exist!

Tammy's tips on starting to create a work/life balance

Work life balance | Tammy's Table

Work-Life Balance… yes it can (and does) exist!

I have read so many blogs about work-life balance being BS! Well… I’m here to tell you that it does exist and everyone can achieve it!

Here’s how!

Be present
Don’t just do things! Be present! We are all busy with meetings, appointments and deadlines. Take the time to slow down and take a breath and enjoy the moment. Laugh at your ridiculous deadlines, and the amount of emails you have to reply to and you’ll feel so much better about. We all have “to do” lists – just remember to put “be present” on that list.

Meet with yourself!
Put time for yourself on your calendar – treat it like a meeting. Enjoy your life outside of your business. Switch off when you are not there and do the things you love! Have fun with friends, try new adventures, live your life to the fullest.

Find mentors!
When things go wrong or you are feeling overwhelmed, a mentor will help you see the positive. You will learn from it and want to get back up.

Create systems in your business so you can confidently delegate to your team and walk away. I can’t stress this one enough!

Set boundaries!
Don’t want to get calls after hours? Turn your mobile off (or better still… don’t give out your mobile number at all!). Want to be home with your loved ones at night? Say no to after-hours functions. Want an annual holiday? Book the time off and plan your business to work around it.

Do what you love!
I love what I do for a living! Why? Because I stopped doing the parts in my business that I didn’t love and employed people to do these things. Now my work day consists only of those parts that I enjoy. You spend so much time at work, make sure it’s a good time!

Tammy is the CEO and owner of Tuckfield Conveyancing & Tuckfield Agent Solutions. Tammy has engineered a business which can run profitably and effectively in her absence. With her success, Tammy is passionate about helping other business owners achieve a lifestyle from their business. She offers business mentoring through “Tammy’s Table”.

She is often seen wearing crazy outfits at events for the social group she founded, Lippie & Laughs. Because life shouldn’t be taken seriously all of the time…

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