If you knew what you were going to go through…

Would you have started your business if you knew what you were going to go through?

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If you knew what you were going to go through…

I was listening to a podcast this week (yes, I am one of those nerds) and one of the questions asked was:

“If you knew what you were going to go through to get where you are today, would you have ever started your business?”
I paused (yes…I paused) and thought about how I would answer this question.

15 years in business hasn’t come without its tough times, its tough calls and its tough decisions.

Being a business owner certainly has its challenges…. but it also has its rewards.

But… do the rewards outweigh the challenges?
My business has certainly put me through the wringer both emotionally and financially. I have lost sleep. I have wondered how I will cope. I am scorned on social media about business decisions I make. I possibly worry more than I should.

But I consider these challenges contributors to my personal growth. They simply make me stronger and even more determined to succeed.
Why? Because of the rewards!

I have a team that I consider my “work family”. We are a close-knit team with a very strong culture. The care factor of my team is out of the ordinary and because of this, I can leave my business safely in their care while I can take vacations and do the things I love to do personally. This is insanely rewarding.

I have flexibility and financial stability. I am working in the parts of my business that I love (so I don’t consider it “work”) and I have met the most amazing people throughout my journey that inspire and motivate me.

I walk into a place that puts a smile on my dial every day. I lead a team to perform at their best and they embrace this.

So back to the question:

“If you knew what you were going to go through to get where you are today, would you have ever started your business?”
My answer…“Hell to the YES!”.

The good times and the tough times have all contributed to my growth, my lifestyle, my family balance and my happiness. I wouldn’t hesitate to do it all over again.

Are you thinking about taking the plunge and starting a business? Have you taken that plunge and now questioning whether it was worth it?

I urge you to really thinking about why you want to do it or why you did it in the first place. Write it down and remind yourself daily.

Maintain a positive vision of what a business can provide fresh in your mind. Stay determined to get there! Work hard and reap the rewards! Find mentors that inspire you and listen and learn from them. Take action! But most of all, believe in yourself and the decisions you make, and you won’t have anything to regret.



Tammy is the CEO and owner of Tuckfield Conveyancing & Tuckfield Agent Solutions. Tammy also offers business mentoring one on one as well as in a group environment “Tammy’s Table”.

She is often seen wearing crazy outfits at events for the social group she founded, Lippie & Laughs. Because life shouldn’t be taken seriously all of the time…

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