Turning your tasks into a passion

Turning your tasks into a passion | Tammy's Table

I lost my passion for writing and a part of me went missing.

I have been observing my 11-year-old daughter over the years spending hours reading and writing. She hides in her room away from the world writing creative stories and journaling her life. I watch in admiration and recall my love for writing and have continuously wondered why I stopped this passion of mine.

Blogs make me cringe

I have wanted to write to share my thoughts, my experiences and what I have learnt throughout my business journey, but the thought of writing blogs has always made me cringe.

My thoughts around blogs were that they needed to be written to serve a ‘technical’ purpose.

I have always considered blogging purely from the SEO (site engine optimisation) perspective. Something people do so that Google ‘likes them’. I have read many blogs where keywords have been used sporadically throughout their blogs purely for SEO and it makes for a very unenjoyable read.

This is not my idea of writing to fulfil a passion.

The turning point

I recently engaged someone to do a digital marketing audit on my business and within the recommendations, she suggested I blog fortnightly. It was pretty obvious by my face that I didn’t like the idea. We discussed my block around blogging and she said something to me that completely shifted my thinking.

“Don’t worry about the keywords. Write from your heart and make sure it reads well. You will get more traction organically when you do this than you ever will from writing for the sake of SEO and placing random keywords throughout your story”.

This comment instantly ceased the internal battle I have had with blogging. Little did she know what a fire she put in my belly to start writing again.

And so I write

The passion is there again! The keyboard is getting a bashing and my head is full of ideas!

I will write “stories” and place them on my website but they won’t be called blogs. That word still has a direct relation to writing for Google in my eyes and I am writing for myself and others.

I will be writing because I love writing.

I will not be writing because I want Google to love me.

While it is important that we keep our websites current and up to date; I will be writing stories because I want to make a difference and help others throughout their business journey. But most of all; I will be bringing back a part of me that I have missed for so long.

I will no longer be reminiscing when I watch my daughter write for hours. I will be joining her. I will sit beside her, write with her and bring back the young girl I once knew who sat in her room for hours writing too.

Turn business tasks into fulfilling a passion

As business owners, we do many tasks to grow our business and to grow our bottom line. But do they bring you joy? I was looking at “blogging” as a task rather than looking at it as fulfilling my joy of writing. Shifting my thinking has turned a task into fulfilling my passion.

I suggest you look at your daily tasks and shift your thinking. Ensure the tasks you do for your business provide personal fulfilment. If they don’t serve you or fulfil you, these are the first tasks that you should consider delegating. If they are tasks that suit someone else’s skillset and fulfils them they will, no doubt, do it better than you and with joy!

“Spend time focussing on growing a business that truly serves you and that you want to show up for.”

I hope you enjoy what I share in the future and I promise you won’t see any blatant keywords throughout my stories.

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